Welcome and Introduction

Hi, I’m Robert Haddad, creator of JORDILIGHT.

Congratulations on your purchase of JORDILIGHT, the ultimate flashlight, perfect for any situation. I wanted to create JORDILIGHT because I was tired of having to carry around multiple flashlights, whether to enjoy the outdoors or work on a project around the house.

So, that’s what I did. It has been a work in progress for over five years and has grown to include a lot of great and useful features. I hope that JORDILIGHT will continue to improve, with added features to ensure all your flashlight needs are met.

Please read these instructions carefully before using your new product and follow the procedures described to better optimize its lifespan and functionality. I truly hope you see how JORDILIGHT can make your life easier for the outdoors or anywhere a flashlight, headlight, or lantern is needed.

Thank you for your continued support,

Robert Haddad.

Color Changing Color Changing

JORDILIGHT’s high-quality outdoor light has 256 colors to choose from.

Touch Capacitive Touch Capacitive Intensity Control

Control each of the 19 individual LEDs with the touch of a finger. Light can be dimmed or brightened to your personal preference.

Flexible Flexible

Go from a traditional handheld flashlight to handsfree with its adaptive ability to attach and flex onto any surface.

Pre-Programmed Modes Pre-Programmed Modes

JORDILIGHT has the latest LED technology that comes with 3 brightness levels and 5 pre-programmed modes that include SOS Emergency, Tracking, Party, Compass, and Navigation Mode. Customize your JORDILIGHT with 10 user-programmable custom mode slots.

Connects to Smart Phone Connect to Your Smartphone

The JORDILIGHT app is available for both Android and ioS devices. The app allows you to turn the lights on or off, adjust the brightness, change colors, set your navigation heading, and create custom modes.

Water Proof Waterproof

The JORDILIGHT has an IP68 waterproof rating, the highest standard available, and can handle a depth of 50-meter-deep or 164 feet in any water.

Compass Built-In E-Compass

The built-in e-compass allows for both a compass mode and a navigation mode.
The compass mode lets the user know which way is North, South, East, or West when set in compass mode.
The compass mode can also be used as a navigation mode.
The navigation mode only shows when a heading is set using the mobile app.

Syncronization Synchronization

Synchronize your JORDILIGHT with another or a group of JORDILIGHTs.

Custom Mode Creation Custom Modes Creation

Create up to 10 custom lighting effects through the JORDILIGHT app.

Modular Modular

Extend your JORDILIGHT to work with other JORDILIGHTs. Each one can be mechanically attached end to end to form a chain.

Multifunctional Multifunctional

Use as more than a traditional headlamp or flashlight. JORDILIGHT is multifunctional and can be held, worn, hung, or attached to any metal surface.

Durable Durable

Made of silicon rubber and durable plastic, JORDILIGHT is capable of handling -40 to 70 degrees Celsius.


JORDILIGHT weighs 140 grams or approximately 4.9 oz. It uses 2 Lithium-lon batteries (500 mAh each).


JORDILIGHT has two buttons:
a) Power/Mode button
b) Color/Options button


Status LED indicates the status of your device as follows:
– Solid white means the device is on.
– Solid blue means the device is connected to Bluetooth.
– Red means the device has low power.Status LED indicates the status of your device as follows:
– Solid white means the device is on.
– Solid blue means the device is connected to Bluetooth.
– Red means the device has low power.
– Flashing red means the device is charging.
– Solid green means the device is fully charged.
*The device will still flash red when charging and turn solid
green when fully charged even when the device is turned
– Flashing red means the device is charging.
– Solid green means the device is fully charged.

*The device will still flash red when charging and turn solid green when fully charged even when the device is turned off.


To start JORDILIGHT, hold down the power/mode button for three seconds until it turns on. You will knoW JORDILIGHT is on as it will display the pattern of LEDs from 1 to 19, in succession, lighting up.

The first time it is powered on, you are in the touch-sensitive area. Anytime you power on your JORDILIGHT after the initial power-on it will return to the last mode being used before it was powered off.

You can turn the lights on by sliding your finger along the LED lights at a slow and constant pace or by touching your finger to any one of the 19 LED lights. To turn the lights off, simply slide your finger across the lights.

To turn off JORDILIGHT, once again hold the power/mode button for three seconds. To show that it is turning off, the LEDs will go down from 19 to 1 in succession, the reverse of turning JORDILIGHT on.

How to Change Colors

Press the color/options button when in Full, Half, Low Brightness, SOS, and Scanner Mode to cycle through the different color options – each device can store up to nine different colors.

Each button press will cycle +1 through the colors. Holding the color/options button down for three seconds will show the power indicator.

– 100% = 19 LEDS
– 75% = 15 LEDS
– 50% = 10 LEDS
– 25% = 5 LEDS

Colors may also be changed using the app – see How to Use
the App in the instructions further down.


How to Use the Different Modes

Using the power/mode button, with a quick press, you can cycle through the different modes. Each time you press the power/mode button, you will shift the mode forward +1. The modes can also be adjusted by using the JORDILIGHT app. Please see the How to Use JORDILIGHT app section below for more details.

The pre-programmed modes are:
– Three brightness levels – low, medium, and bright or 15%, 50%, and 75% using the app.
– SOS Emergency – recognizable by all the 19 LEDs flashing in the SOS pattern, 3-short, 3-long, 3-short, repeated.
– Tracking or scanner – recognizable as a bright light repeatedly moving left to right in sequence. Party – recognizable as different colored flashing lights
– Compass – JORDILIGHT needs to be placed on a flat surface initially to locate compass directions
– Navigation

You may also customize your JORDILIGHT with up to 10
user-programmable custom mode slots.


How to Activate SOS Mode

SOS Emergency Mode can be activated by holding down both the power/mode button and color/options buttons
simultaneously for five seconds. It is also accessible by cycling through the modes. It will also automatically turn on when the device detects a fall.


How to Use Compass Mode

Compass Mode can be activated by cycling through the modes or by opening the compass page on the mobile app. Place it on a flat surface to calibrate the directions. You will see different lights in the middle and the edges depending on JORDILIGHT’s orientation. Once you see all of the colors, you can rotate JORDILIGHT on the flat surface to see them all, you can pick up the device as it is now tilt-compensated. This means that you can hold it any way you want, and it will show the correct directions.

When the following colors are in the center of the device they will read as follows:
– Blue is North
– Green is West
– Yellow is East
– Red is South

Beyond this, the device will read as follows:
– Blue is on the left and Green is on the right is NW
– Green is on the left and Red is on the right is SW
– Blue is on the left and Yellow is on the right is NE
– Red is on the left and Yellow is on the right is SE


How to Synchronize More Than one JORDILIGHT

Pair JORDILIGHT or a group of them together within range by quick-pressing both the power/mode and color/options buttons at the same time. Once the LEDs turn on with a white color this means they are not connected but are available to connect. You can tap on the LEDs corresponding to each additional device to synchronize them.

The LEDs will turn blue when they are connected. Repeat the process to disconnect. Touch the blue LEDs to disconnect the connected JORDILIGHTs. To confirm they are disconnected, the LEDs will turn red.

If only one red LED is showing this means that the device didn’t find any available JORDILIGHTs in range with which to connect.

Connect up to four JORDILIGHTs together in synchronization.


Different Ways to Use JORDILIGHT



JORDILIGHT can be folded to create a handheld flashlight


Attach the strap to JORDILIGHT to hang on different equipment.


Attach it to any metallic surface to light up any area


Attach the strap to each end and wear it as a headlamp


How to Charge JORDILIGHT

To charge JORDILIGHT, use any standard USB-C type cable with a 5v charging supply, like the ones used for most mobile devices. To give JORDILIGHT the best charge, use a 2.1A charger.

Safety Precautions

Please read all safety information before using the device to ensure safe and proper use.

– For best performance, JORDILIGHT should only use the supplied power cable. However, a Type C USB cable is an acceptable replacement.
– Do not aim JORDILIGHT directly into someone’s eyes.
– Do not look directly at JORDILIGHT’s light directly for too long.
– Never take the device apart or modify its original appearance.
– Never pull on the device too much, which could damage or rip the internal board.
– Although JORDILIGHT can be dropped, it shouldn’t be intentionally, repetitively or with great force as it could break the parts. it shouldn’t be done repetitively or with great force as it could break the parts.
– Never put in a fire.
– Never pierce the batteries or any part of the device.
– Any changes or modifications to your JORDILIGHT could void your warranty.

Correct Disposal

This device contains two Lithium-lon batteries. To safely dispose of JORDILIGHT, it should be recycled at certified battery electronics recyclers that accept batteries rather than being discarded in the trash or put in municipal recycling bins.