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  • Illuminate Your Adventure: Emitting up to 3600 lumens in 256 vibrant colors or pure white, JordiLight turns every moment into a vivid experience.

  • Tailored Lighting Experiences: With 10 customizable personal modes, adapt the light to your journey and mood.

  • Ready for Every Scenario: Featuring 8 preset modes, JordiLight is equipped for various lighting demands.

  • Adaptable Brightness: Choose from three adjustable brightness levels (100%, 50%, 25%) to find the perfect illumination for every situation.
  • Flexible

    Experience unmatched convenience with JordiLight's flexibility. Illuminate tight spots effortlessly and switch from handheld to hands-free operation with its adaptive design that attaches to any surface.

  • Touch Control

    With just a touch, toggle JordiLight's 19 individual LEDs. This simple yet effective feature enhances ease of use, allowing a swift transition between on and off states, making JordiLight a user-friendly companion for all your adventures.

  • Built-In E-Compass

    Venture boldly with JordiLight's built-in e-compass. Set your heading using the navigation mode and let JordiLight lead the way. With this feature, staying on course becomes second nature, ensuring a worry-free exploration every time.

  • Fall Sensor

    Navigate fearlessly with JordiLight's fall sensor. On detecting a fall, it activates S.O.S. mode, sending a force signal to a connected device. With our app, it can alert your emergency contact, ensuring prompt assistance when needed.

  • Extended Smartphone Control

    Link up with our app on Android or iOS for added functionality. While JordiLight is a standalone powerhouse, pairing it with your phone unlocks extended control, letting you tweak settings or switch modes effortlessly from your screen.

  • Waterproof Resilience

    Embrace adventure in any setting with JordiLight! Crafted to be waterproof, it's your reliable ally whether you're exploring underwater realms, journeying through humid rainforests, or delving into damp caves. Rain or shine, JordiLight is always prepared for the adventure ahead.

  • Color-Changing Magic

    Illuminate your adventures in a spectrum of colors with JordiLight! Offering 256 vibrant hues, our top-notch outdoor light lets you explore and personalize your lighting experience. Now, every journey comes with a rainbow at your fingertips, letting you set the perfect mood or find your way in style.

  • Versatile Pre-Set Modes

    Equip yourself for any situation with JordiLight's pre-programmed modes. From SOS Emergency to Party, Compass, and Navigation, easily switch to the perfect lighting setup. Need more? Ten extra slots allow for custom modes, tailoring your light experience for any adventure.

  • Craft Your Light Modes

    Unleash creativity with JordiLight! Craft 10 custom lighting modes using our intuitive app. Tailor each mode to your adventure, transitioning your preferences from a touch on your phone to real-world brilliance, ensuring each journey is uniquely illuminated.

  • Sync Your Lights

    Sync multiple JordiLights with ease using our synchronization feature! With a simple tap, pair or group your lights together, amplifying your lighting experience. Witness them harmonize in perfect unity, adding a new dimension to your adventures. Every click brings a synchronized brilliance to your surroundings.

  • Modular Connections

    Embrace a world of modular lighting with JordiLight. Easily connect multiple units end-to-end, forming a luminous chain of brilliance. Whether illuminating larger spaces or creating unique lighting configurations, the possibilities are endless. Each connection expands your horizon, making your adventures even more captivating.

  • Rugged Durability

    Encounter the robust essence of JordiLight, molded from silicon rubber and resilient plastic. Endure extremes from -40 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 to 70 degrees Celsius). JordiLight is more than just a light, it's a rugged companion ready to brave any adventure, whether you're delving into the abyss or conquering peaks."

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