JordiLight used in various ways: hanging magnetically in a metal breaker box, worn on the head, attached to a backpack, and held in hand. Each lifestyle image illustrates the product's versatility.

Versatility Meets Power: Explore the Features of JordiLight

  • Illuminate Your Adventure: Experience unparalleled brightness with up to 3600 lumens, available in 256 vibrant colors or classic pure white. JordiLight transforms any setting into a visually striking scene.
  • Tailored Lighting Experiences: Personalize your lighting with 10 customizable modes to match your mood and the demands of your adventure.
  • Ready for Every Scenario: Equipped with 8 preset modes, JordiLight effortlessly adapts to varied lighting needs, ensuring optimal visibility in any environment.
  • Adaptable Brightness: Choose from three brightness levels (100%, 50%, 25%) to conserve battery or illuminate large areas, perfect for any situation.

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  • Icon depicting a bent JordiLight to illustrate its flexible design, demonstrating how it can be adapted to various uses and surfaces.


    Experience unmatched convenience with JordiLight’s flexibility. Easily illuminate tight spots and switch from handheld to hands-free with its adaptable design that attaches to any surface.

  • Icon of a hand touching a control circle, illustrating the touch control feature of JordiLight that enables easy toggling of its 19 LEDs.

    Touch Control

    Effortlessly control JordiLight's 19 LEDs with a simple touch. This feature enhances ease of use, allowing swift transitions between on and off states for a user-friendly experience in any setting.

  • Compass icon representing the built-in e-compass feature in JordiLight, designed for enhanced navigation during outdoor activities.

    Built-In E-Compass

    Navigate confidently with JordiLight’s built-in e-compass. Activate navigation mode to set your heading, making it easier to stay on course and enjoy worry-free exploration during your adventures.

  • Icon of a person falling, illustrating JordiLight’s fall sensor feature that activates S.O.S. mode for enhanced safety during outdoor activities.

    Fall Sensor

    Travel securely with JordiLight’s fall sensor. On detecting a fall, it activates S.O.S. mode, sending a signal to a connected device and alerting your emergency contacts, ensuring prompt assistance.

  • Icon of a mobile phone, symbolizing the Extended Smartphone Control feature of JordiLight, allowing users to manage settings via a mobile app.

    Extended Smartphone Control

    Enhance your JordiLight with our mobile app for Android and iOS. Pairing it with your smartphone extends control, allowing easy adjustments to settings and mode transitions from your device.

  • Icon of a water droplet symbolizing JordiLight’s IP68 waterproof rating, ensuring functionality down to 10 meters in water, perfect for all-weather reliability.

    Waterproof Resilience

    Explore confidently with JordiLight's waterproof resilience, IP68 rated for depths down to 10 meters. Ideal for adventures in any weather, from underwater explorations to humid rainforests and damp caves, JordiLight remains reliable, rain or shine.

  • Icon showing four circles with various shades, representing JordiLight’s capability to display 256 colors plus pure white, highlighting its versatile color-changing features.

    Vibrant Color Spectrum

    Explore in vibrant colors with JordiLight! Offering 256 hues and pure white, customize your lighting to enhance any adventure. Illuminate your path in style, setting the perfect mood wherever you go.

  • Icon depicting three circles connected by curved lines in a circle, symbolizing JordiLight’s versatile pre-set modes that cater to various needs from SOS to party settings.

    Versatile Pre-Set Modes

    JordiLight's versatile pre-set modes, including SOS Emergency, Party, Compass, and Navigation, provide ideal lighting for any situation. Customize further with ten additional slots for tailored illumination experiences.

  • Icon showing three circle knobs on lines, resembling an audio mixer, symbolizing the ability to craft custom light modes in JordiLight, highlighting user customization.

    Personalize Your Illumination

    Unleash your creativity with JordiLight! Use our app to craft up to 10 custom lighting modes tailored to your adventures. Easily transition your settings from a touch on your phone to real-world illumination, making each journey uniquely bright.

  • Icon of a cloud with two circular arrows, representing the Sync Your Lights feature of JordiLight, emphasizing easy synchronization of multiple devices.

    Sync Your Lights

    Sync multiple JordiLights effortlessly using our synchronization feature! A simple tap pairs or groups your lights, enhancing your environment with harmonized, synchronized illumination. Experience unity and brilliance in every adventure.

  • Icon depicting three connected hexagons with an additional one joining via an arrow, illustrating JordiLight's ability to connect multiple units mechanically in a chain for extended illumination.

    Modular Connections

    Discover modular lighting with JordiLight. Connect multiple units end-to-end to form a continuous chain of brilliance. Ideal for illuminating larger areas or crafting unique configurations, each connection opens new possibilities for captivating adventures.

  • Icon of a chain, symbolizing the rugged durability of JordiLight, designed to endure extreme conditions and resist harsh environments.

    Rugged Durability

    Encounter JordiLight’s rugged durability, made from silicone rubber and resilient plastic. It's designed to endure extreme temperatures ranging from -40 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 to 70 degrees Celsius). JordiLight is your reliable companion for any adventure, robust enough to handle the abyss or mountain peaks alike.

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